Indian groom horse riding - Hindu Chicago wedding

Hindu Wedding Chicago - shot by Chicago Wedding Videographer 

One groom should be able to get there, escape if needed, and to stand still between rock and a hard place.

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We respect that approach, what makes lot of sense, regarding the grooms ability to move in or out if needed, and his steady, imperishable, ever-lasting, permanent desire to stand still, regardless how hard it is to stand there. Thats how some Indian grooms are nowadays in their right cause to marry their beloved woman.

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hindu groom horse riding

Some grooms arrive at their wedding in a car, or limo. But some other grooms, according to traditional Hindu wedding customs, ride the horse or horse-ride to their Indian wedding ceremony. This magnificent Indian tradition for the weddings gave your Chicago Wedding Videographer wonderful opportunity to shoot this Hindu groom horse riding to his Hindu temple Chicago, where the Hindu wedding ceremony was held for him, Indian groom and his Hindu bride.

Spectacular Indian groom horse ride was accompanied by the Indian traditional musical instruments, or some sort of drum, where the drummer, was wearing the traditional Indian attire, while he was giving the rhythm and the sound picture of the whole event, to use that word to shortly describe Hindu groom horse riding to the Hindu temple Chicago.

Indian groom was also wearing Hindu traditional costume, while he was horse-riding to his goal for that day. One should really be amazed if he saw how colorful are Indian traditional wedding attires, and how handsome Hindu men can look wearing their wedding attire.

Your Chicago Wedding Videographer really liked the horse. It was white-greenish horse of unknown breed, but it must be related to Indian tradition. Pearl-cream horse have pale but pigmented skin and blue-green eyes, and are distinctly pale, so the horse for our Indian groom was able to provide good contrast color vise, due to rich and colorful horse furniture they put on the horse, for this special Hindu wedding groom’s horseriding to his traditional Hindu wedding.

One should not be misinformed with this text: this Hindu groom’s horse-ride was slow; there was no galloping or anything similar. Hindu Groom’s men were dancing and celebrating the occasion all the way down to the Hindu temple Chicago, where the rest of the wedding party was expecting the Indian groom.

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hindu wedding

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hindu wedding CHICAGO

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